About Us
TLC METAL SOLUTION SDN BHD specializes in steel fabrication with a variety of in-house processes to meet customer specifications. Our main office is located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (NS), Malaysia. The company's advanced steel fabrication production facilities ensure that we have the capacity and precision to undertake a wide range of fabricated components and projects including light steel fabrication and structural steel fabrication.

TLC METAL SOLUTION SDN BHD also a custom made metal product company. We provide metal structure solution and flexible optimizes product designs for your business to ensure product quality and reduce product costs.

Our product included machine holder, Iron working table, Iron frame, metal shelf, cage, stainless steel metal product and structural metal components products like boilers, tanks, shipping containers and many more. Besides that, our services include renovation, rework on existing machine, abrasive sand blasting and descaling solution.

TLC METAL SOLUTION SDN BHD understands the processes of product development and technologies that you need to create exceptional products. We leverage our experience and investment in equipment and skilled workers to support your projects from design through implementation. Our team will serve you with the resources and capabilities and provide solutions to meet your requirements from product distribution, processing machining, fabrication, and manufacturing at any stage of completion.


TLC METAL SOLUTION SDN BHD 专业从事钢铁制造的各种内部流程,以满足客户的要求。我们的办公室坐落在马来西亚森美兰州的芙蓉。该公司的先进钢制造生产设施确保我们有能力和精确承担范围广泛的制造组件和项目,包括轻钢制造和结构钢制造。

TLC METAL SOLUTION SDN BHD 也是一家钢铁制品定制公司。我们会根据不同客户的需求, 提供专业定制的金属产品。我们的产品制作如铸铁工作台,机械工业架,钳工桌,工具车,刀具柜,文件柜,储物柜,零件柜,铁屑车,模具架,货架,网箱,不锈钢金属制品等金属加工和结构组件品。此外,我们的服务也包括修复,翻新机械,喷砂服务和酸洗钝化等等。
我们一直为此而不懈努力。 展望未来,我们充满信心,因为在您的支持和合作下,令本公司的业务蒸蒸日上! 诚邀各界人士光临指导!

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